735595_10151589115903696_1369235645_oMireya Samper is born in Iceland but she is an international artist as her artworks testify clearly. She studied art in Iceland and in France and has lived and worked around the world. As a creator of installations her work supersedes the identity as sculptor or painter, working parallel in two and three dimensions for museums or in-situ. With ease she creates poetical, minimal works that are either ephemeral or carved in stone. Pulling together prima matera into concepts of time and space her oeuvres create connections between the natural elements of water, light, wind, stone and consciousness.

Mireya works in a variety of materials depending on the idea they serve and the context. The artist delights in dissolving and shifting accepted boundaries between painting and sculpture, two-dimensional and three-dimensional works. Water, in various forms, is one of Mireya’s favorite subjects. So are infinity, and transparency. Mireya has developed her own encaustic method allowing paper-paintings to be translucide.


Tel.+ 354 6985973
Bakkabraut 7d, 200 Kópavogur, Iceland


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